The 12 Best Bike Brands and Why You Should Check Them Out

Those who dabble in the world of biking might be content with almost any brand of bicycle so long as they manage to make the wheels turn and get from point A to point B. Serious bikers, however, are discerning about what they ride. They expect the very best and are willing to pay the extra expense for a bike with unbeatable performance and unmatched style. Comfort, durability, speed, and easy handling are all factors that will sway bicycle enthusiasts to buy one brand over another.

Here, we list the 12 top brands and then look at them individually. All of these dozen bike brands are known for high-quality craftsmanship, but each of them also tends to excel in particular areas, which will be mentioned as we proceed.

The dozen best bike brands include:

1. Bianchi: The World's Oldest Bicycle Company

Since it was founded in Italy in 1885, Bianchi has been manufacturing and improving bicycles. Wheels of equal size and made of pneumatic rubber were its original innovation in 1885. The Countervail vibration cancellation system is one of its more recent breakthroughs. Today, Bianchi is famous for quality road bikes, including the Bianchi Infinito CV.

2. Schwinn: King of American Bicycles

schwinn Nearly as old as Bianchi, Schwinn was founded in Chicago in 1895. Schwinn has long dominated the U.S. bicycle market, and continues to do so. It failed, however, to capture new bicycle markets that erupted in the 1970s. Its discount bikes are commonly seen at Wal-Mart and other major retail outlets, but its more upscale Signature Series is reserved for bike shops. Schwinn is more of a broadly quality company than a specialty company, and you can find good cruisers, hybrids, trail bikes, and more that they manufacture.

3. Cannondale: Road Cycling Champion

Since 1983, Cannondale has been producing high-quality touring and road cycling bikes. It was voted by Pedal House as a top cyclocross bike producer as well. Cannondale bikes have been used by five winners of the famous Giro d'Italia Maglia Rosas.

4. Trek: an Industry Leader

Trek bikes rate particularly high in the mountain and hybrid bike categories, but this manufacturer is considered by many to be an industry leader in virtually every category. One of their best road bikes is the Trek Domane 5.2.

5. Salsa: Mountain Adventure Company

Three of the best mountain bikes in existence are manufactured by Salsa: the Salsa Fargo TI, the Salsa Horsethief XX1, and the Salsa Mukluk. Salsa is in its area of expertise when constructing quality mountain bikes, but it also turns out top-tier road bikes.

6. Jamis: Top Seller of Hybrids

The Jamis Coda has been Jamis' top seller for nearly 20 years. This and other hybrids by Jamis have been popular favorites of bike lovers since 1979. If you want a hybrid, Jamis is often the best in that field.

7. Specialized: King of Advanced Alloys

specialized Specializes has been improving the strength and smooth-riding ability of its bikes since 1981. They have mastered new technologies for producing carbon alloys to turn out exceptionally sturdy mountain and hybrid bikes.

8. Cervelo: For the Fastest Frames

Cervelo produces frames designed for the fastest performance possible. Their carbon-fiber frames have been voted number one for both triathlon and road race bikes. The company makes an R, S, and P series.

9. Redline: BMX Leader

Redline is famous for being the "original BMX bike manufacturer" and still is a leader in that field. Its mountain, road, freestyle, and cyclocross offerings are also impressive. BMX fans can't go wrong with Redline.

10. Giant: Affordable Quality

giant Giant is known for making high-quality hybrids, mountain bikes, and more affordable. They also have awards for design, and make the claim that their bicycles "win world championships." Giant is probably outdone by some of the other companies mentioned above, but their bikes are not far behind and are cheaper.

11. Surly: Single-Speed Leader

Surley is a relatively new company, founded in 1998, leading in a relatively new trend- single-speeds. They make sturdy bikes from steel and offer a balanced selection. If you are interested in single-speeds, Surley is your best bet.

12. Soma: For the Everyday Cyclist

Purposefully avoiding bike designs that hail from the racing world, Soma strives to produce a high-quality, attractive bike that meets the needs of the everyday cyclist. This is welcome development for those who don't want to race or bike a mountain but do want a quality bike.

These bike brands are at the top of their class. Each brand is known for a specific set of characteristics, but whichever you choose, no doubt, you'll be in good hands and well on your way towards riding safely and happily.

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